February 2019 Messages

Sunday February 17th – “Renew Love By Raising The Level Of Passion”

This message is a review of past 3 weeks messages.  It will give the listener an overview of what has been covered at Hutt City.  The message is a call to return to a love for God and people by raising the level of passion.  Trust you will be inspired as you pursue this challenge as we commence 2019.

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Sunday February 24th – “Lessons From Lazarus”

This week our Pastors were away, so the message was brought to us by Major Shar Davis. 
What can we learn about the Kingdom of God from the death of Lazarus and Jesus’ response? Do we believe that we are called to live like Jesus in our words and actions, or are some things (like raising someone from the dead) reserved only for the Son of God? [John 11:1-45]

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