Awaken! 4th October

Hi Everyone

Level 1!!  …   What a year? 

I would like to invite you and your congregation to join with us here at Hutt City on Sunday evening 4th October at 5pm for what we have called Awaken.  The purpose of the meeting is to create a space where we can come together to seek His presence and contend for “more” of His Spirit.

We live in times where so many people are searching for direction and I personally have always found one of the ways in which He speaks is through His people coming together to seek Him,  through worship and the Word.   I understand clearly this is not the only way but how it has helped and is modelled through Scripture.

Please let people know about this event.  With Spring coming,  I’m sensing new encounters and new life coming out of the winter. 

Look forward to seeing you

God bless you



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